Social Media Management

Social media is a brilliant tool to communicate directly with people and expand your reach. When done right, you can create a following that goes beyond mere online numbers. A following that has real life impact.

Many nonprofits are short staffed and lack funds to hire people to actively manage their social media accounts. They also often lack the skill or time to create beautiful, eye catching imagery. That’s where Mod Media’s grant comes in. Mod Media has made their services available to nonprofits for a fraction of the normal cost. This enables you to run social media campaigns that grow your following, and ultimately, create a greater impact.

There are two options for the Mod Media Grant: one full year of content or one month of content.


  • 12 Custom Designs per Month (144 per year)
  • Content Creation for Facebook and Instagram
  • Hashtags to Increase Exposure
Grant Worth: $42,000 ($3,500 per month)
Admin Fee: $12,000 (71% discount)
Sale: $4,990


  • 12 custom designs
  • Content creation for Facebook and Instagram
  • Hashtags to increase exposure
Grant Worth: $3,500
Admin Fee: $1,000 (71% discount)
Sale: $777


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