Positive PR Via Cover Story Magazine

Flipping the magazine world upside down, Cover Story Magazine seeks to showcase not just the wealthy and famous, but people who are making an impact in the world — people like you. The Cover Story Grant is designed to assist your nonprofit in raising public awareness. The grant seeks to provide your nonprofit with financial support in getting your message out effectively to the public as quickly as possible. We do this by producing digital issues about your nonprofit, people, and programs.

There are two options for the Cover Story Grant: annual and one-time.


  • 12 Digital Issues (one per month)
  • Interview with Articles
  • Bonus: 16x20 Metal Print
Grant Worth: $600,000 ($50,000 per issue)
Admin Fee: $6,000 (99% Discount)
Sale: $4,990


  • 1 Digital Issue
  • Interview with an Article
  • Bonus: 16x20 Metal Print
Grant Worth: $50,000
Admin Fee: $5,000 (90% Discount)
Sale: $777


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