Grants Group presents the Top 12 Grants that have a combined worth of more than a half-million dollars! We encourage your nonprofit to apply for all 12. To take the first step, we can apply for the Google Ad Grant of $120,000 on your behalf. We can help you to obtain this grant absolutely FREE. Relax, while we work on your grants for you.

Cover Story Magazine
by Cover Story

Cover Story Magazine features real heroes in our society: nonprofit owners like you! Increase awareness of your organization, bolster your PR (Public Relations), and capture the good works you do in this digital magazine.

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Video Production
by Cover Story Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Engage with your audience by having meaningful video content produced for you, specifically geared toward social media.

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Social Media Management
by Mod Media

Many organizations don’t know how to start managing their social media accounts. Mod Media’s service-based grant creates custom posts, important messages, and eye catching design to represent your organization and help you engage with what matters most: people.

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QuickBooks Management
by QBO Group

Specializing in bookkeeping for nonprofits, QBO Group delivers a year’s worth of work for what many others charge in a month. With this grant, make sure your organization’s finances are properly taken care of.

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Nonprofit Administration
by Team Admins

Every nonprofit has to regularly do something that few people enjoy: file legal documents. Team Admins provides executive level compliance for all required reporting agencies. This includes obtaining EINs, submitting Articles of Incorporation, Attorney General filings, and more.

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Web Design
by Innovate Web

Nonprofits know they need to be relevant on the web, but the cost of paying someone to build a quality website can be steep. With their grant, Innovate Web creates much needed websites for nonprofits that help them propel their mission forward.

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Website Management
by Zazgo

Websites require upkeep: hosting, security certificates, antivirus searches, etc. Ensure your site is properly taken care of with tasks done daily to keep everything running smoothly.

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Google for Nonprofits
by Google

Make Google work for you! Utilize the power of G Suite, Google Ads, YouTube, and more. Use custom emails with your nonprofit’s domain, collaborate with productivity software like Google Docs, and share stories through YouTube’s Nonprofit Program.

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Google Ad Management
by Ad Surfer

Google Ads requires creative writing techniques, quality keyword searches, and website edits and analytics. Ad Surfer specializes in creating and managing the complicated ins and outs of Google Ads to help you better reach and impact the world around you.

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Domain Name Management
by Dot Com Pro

Not every domain name is created equal; like property, some are more valuable and effective than others. Dot Com Pro’s grant gives nonprofits a 50% discount on acquiring premium domains.

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Grant Acquisition
by Value IQ

Value IQ helps you on your journey of obtaining grants. They help analyze your needs, get the right grants in your hands at the right time, and give valuable rebranding recommendations.

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Technology Suite
by Inc Group

Do you want to avoid the risk of state and federal noncompliance, ensure private receipt of legal documents, or need a physical address for your organization—other than a home address or PO Box? Inc.Group helps you spend less time dealing with the headaches of compliance.

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Instead of learning what funders are looking for allow us to apply for grants for you with 100% success. We surveyed thousands of grants and opportunities and know exactly where to go to get you funding for your nonprofit now.

Here's what's included: Our team analyzes your nonprofit organization and then we use data-driven methodology to provide you with effective applications. We provide you with real options of grants we know we can obtain for you with 100% success and we do it all for free. 

Grants Group is a nonprofit for nonprofits. Most nonprofit organizations are grossly underfunded. We specialize in connecting the dots for nonprofits and making sure they receive funding that impacts their bottomline.

By providing grants for a host of needs, we are able to help propel nonprofits to success in their missions which is our mission.



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  • LISA Christian Ministries Church
  • 24 Hour Group
  • CA.TAX
  • 24-HOUR.COM
  • You Change
  • Worship Service
  • 24 Hour Ministry
  • Be Equal
  • Ukrainian American House
  • Ukraine Relief
  • Mission of Mercy
  • Policy Lab
  • Joseph Ministry
  • Dilce
  • Febela


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  • Atlas Stucco
  • 1st Choice Construction
  • USKO Express
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Las Vegas, Nevada

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